Here is how the idea was born and what it consists of:

Many times, looking at the books on display in the window or in the library, we are inclined to choose one rather than another, the one we are most inspired by at the moment, the one that has a cover or title that attracts us most. Others are discarded, but all it takes is for someone to tell us about it emphatically and that book that we never thought we would read suddenly acquires meaning and stimulates our curiosity.

And so we thought that you might be the one to recommend that book, perhaps not very well known, that might attract our curiosity and lead us to read it.

Starting today, you can send an image of the cover of your chosen book to, accompanied by the reason why you recommend it or a sentence inside it that you think will catch your eye.

During the 'May of Books', one or more reading recommendations will be posted on the Facebook pages of the system's libraries from Monday to Saturday.

We await your proposals!!!