There is no denying that our lives are currently, in a way, run by social networks. 16 years after the birth of Twitter, 18 years after that of Facebook, and 12 years after that of Instagram, our lives have stopped being confined within the four walls of our homes and have moved to the media square. Isn't publishing a thought and having the possibility of being read and perhaps 'shared' by other users around the web a sort of new frontier of modern freedom of expression?

The Monte Linas Library System promotes an encounter between generations: on the one hand the digital nativesin harmony and in symbiosis with the new technologies, on the other hand the so-called boomers generations born in the early 1960s or before, who (with exceptions) have a more detached approach to technology.

The occasion is a discussion on social-media with the aim of reducing the digital divide between old and new generations.

Do you want to participate in this experience?

  • Have you turned 18, are you a social expert and would you like to share your knowledge with people who would like to learn some secrets and get some tips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the other social-networks?
  • Are you unfamiliar with social networking, but would like to understand it, know its tricks and hang out more?

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